Monsuno: Combatendo o Chaos Tema Músical é o tema de abertura para Monsuno: Combatendo o Caos. Foi produzido por Jeff Miyahara e é realizado por Soulja.

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Monsuno! Get ready, here comes the power

A hidden force that you can`t control

Something is rising up inside

And it's time to let it go!

Launch it out,

Let it spin,

Go all out,

Throw it in Got no time to hesitate

Time is ticking

Got to win Release the beast,

No time for defeat

Now go, go, go, go!

Can't stop Monsuno

I'm here to win,

And feeling so alive This is Monsuno,

So let it spin Grab your core and battle to survive (Survive)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Monsuno! (Com-bat Chaos)