Arachnablade #41
First appearance Trust
Special Move Piercing Tremors
Variations Arachnablade
Shadow Arachnablade
Morph Arachnablade
Echo Arachnablade
Surge Arachnablade
Power 20
Controller Beyal
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Arachnablade (Japanese: Axeblade (アックスブレイド Akkusubureido)) is a Core-Tech Monsuno. Its Controller is Beyal. It resembles a spider.



Monsuno: World Master

Arachnablade debuted in Trust, where its Core was given to Beyal by Dax following Glowblade's defeat. Arachnablade then showed its strength in battle against Darkspin by easily defeating Moonfire and Spikebat.

In Lost, it participated in the battle against the Desert Wolves, but was defeated alongside Airswitch by a rogue Lock.

In Life, it participated in the battle against Charlemagne and Commander Trey, where Arachnablade defeated Goldhorn and went on to team up with the other Core-Tech Monsunos to take down Riccoshot.

In Monster, it participated in the battle against Dr. Emmanuel Klipse and Hargrave, where Arachnablade was easily overpowered by Toxic Ace until its eight minutes were up and Arachnablade returned to its Core.

In Rising, it participated in a massive battle royale between Team Core-Tech, S.T.O.R.M., and Eklipse, but Arachnablade was defeated by the Fusion Core Reactor's explosion.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

Special Moves

  • Elemental Wall
  • Paralysis Dart
  • Raised Barrage
  • Light Daze
  • Laser Legs
  • Crystal Shield
  • Shifting Stance



Monsuno: World Master

Monsuno: Combat Chaos


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