Archaic Lock
Archaic Lock.png
First appearance Pet
Special Move Strafing Lava
Variations Lock
Hyper Lock
Lock 2.0
Elemental Lock
Elemental Lock (Version 2)
Elemental Lock (Version 3)
Shadow Lock
Morph Lock
Surge Lock
Crystal Lock
Gold Lock
Blue Lock
Lock (Prototype)
Gold Lock (Japan promo)
Lock (gold version)
Fusion Lock
Elemental Fusion Lock
Phantom Fusion Lock
Elemental Fusion Lock (Version 2)
Phantom Lock
Clone Lock
Shifter Lock
Archaic Lock
Power 100
Controller Six
<span style="cursor: help; border-bottom: 1px dotted green;" title="Faction of this battler">Faction (Faction of this battler) Eklipse Resistance

Archaic Lock is an Eklipse Resistance Dino-Monsuno. Its Controller is Six. It is a Dino variation of Hyper Lock.


Archaic Lock is the complete opposite of Lock. It was created from Emmanuel Klipse's research on Monsuno Essence: a mixture of Monsuno Essence, dinosaur DNA and a sample of Lock's essence (piece of fur).


Special Moves

  • Strafing Lava
  • Volcanic Growl
  • Heat Charge
  • Jaw of Fire
  • Lava Burst
  • Lava Breath
  • Heat Shine
  • Heat Wave
  • Magma Storm
  • Fire Orb
  • Energy Fire
  • Magma Barrier


Monsuno Season 3

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