Backslash #6 / #18cc
Char backslash
First appearance Clash
Special Move Cursed Spiral
Variations Backslash
Backslash 2.0
Elemental Backslash
Shadow Backslash
Crystal Backslash
Gold Backslash
Fusion Backslash
Phantom Fusion Backslash
Elemental Fusion Backslash
Shifter Backslash
Power 10/70
Controller Dr. Emmanuel Klipse
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon eklipse med Eklipse

Backslash (Japanese: Hellbreaker (ヘルブレイカー Herubureikā)) is an Eklipse Monsuno. Its Controller is Dr. Emmanuel Klipse.


Backslash is Dr. Klipse’s Monsuno of choice, and is as dark and aggressive as the evil intentions of its master. It is a cross between a wolf and a grizzly bear. With muscular poise, slashing claws, and a jagged spine, Backslash is quite a terror.


Monsuno: World Master

Backslash debuted at the end of Clash, where it appeared to be aware of Lock's presence as Backslash was shown growling and clawing the floor whenever Lock roared.

In R.S.V.P. it is used by Dr. Klipse to battle Dax and Airswitch. Backslash proves itself to be an extremely fast and powerful Monsuno as it easily overpowers and defeats them. Backslash is later used again to battle Lock and quickly dominates the battle, even able to hold its own against Quickforce, Charger and Glowblade when they try to help. It is implied by Hargrave that Backslash has been genetically altered to be invincible. Backslash is on the verge of defeating Core-Tech when Dax and Airswitch join in. Airswitch wraps its wing-like arms around Backslash to hold it in place while Lock, Quickforce and Charger ram into it, and eventually they succeed in pushing Backslash over the edge of a cliff. However it seems that even this was not enough to defeat Backslash as Dr. Klipse recalled it back into its Core rather than returning itself if it had been defeated.

In Shadow, it was used to fight Jinja and Dax, alongside Hargrave and Shadowhornet. They easily dominate the battle and almost defeated Charger and Airswitch until Chase and Lock showed up to turn the tide. However, before the battle could reach a conclusion, Jon Ace and Beyal accidentally triggered the Shadow Effect which caused Backslash and Shadowhornet to turn on Klipse and Hargrave; ignoring Klipse's orders and tossing him aside. Backslash was last seen attacking Klipse when the facility collapsed and presumably returned to its Core after the Shadow Effect wore off.

In Wellspring, it fought against both Lock and Driftblade in a battle royale, during which the Well of Pure Life drastically increased Backslash's power. Backslash continued to battle Lock one-on-one after Nitestone entered the battle to fight Driftblade one-on-one. However, the battle ended with no outcome when the Well of Pure Life was destroyed, and Backslash was left to shield Dr. Klipse and Hargrave from the falling rubble.

In Monster, it fought alongside Firewasp and Toxic Ace against Team Core-Tech. Backslash and Firewasp stood back and watched as Toxic Ace took down all of the Core-Tech Monsunos, until Backslash's eight minutes were up and it returned to its Core.

In Endgame, it fought against Team Core-Tech and the Desert Wolves alongside Shadowhornet. Backslash had the upper hand against Lock, Charger. and Freedom Striker and would have defeated them if not for the timely arrival of Dawnmaster; allowing Lock to finally defeat Backslash in battle.

In Rising, it participated in another battle royale, this time between Core-Tech, S.T.O.R.M., and Eklipse. When Dr. Klipse's Fusion Core Reactor exploded, Backslash and Shadowhornet were both enveloped in the blast, merging into one Monsuno, Backslash 2.0.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

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Monsuno: World Master

Monsuno: Combat Chaos



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