Bioblaze #75
First appearance Trophies
Special Move TBD
Variations Bioblaze
Phantom Bioblaze
Power 20
Controller Dax
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Bioblaze is a bug-like Core-Tech Monsuno. Its Controller is Dax.



Monsuno: World Master

Bioblaze debuted in Trophies, where it was spun out by Dax alongside Lock, Quickforce, and Charger against Dom Pyro's Dragonburn. After Dax was knocked out, Bioblaze attempted to attack Dom, but its eight minutes were up and it returned to its Core.

In Ice, it fought one-on-one against Spikebat and managed to defeat it. Throughout the episode, Bioblaze, Longfang, and Charger were used to prevent Darkspin from reaching the Cave of Convergence. Later, Bioblaze teamed up with the other Core-Tech Monsuno against the Darkspin Monsuno, with the intervention of Glowblade ending in Team Core-Tech's victory.

In Life, it briefly gave a ride to Team Core-Tech before being called back into its Core by Dax following Airswitch's launch.

In Assault, it carried Team Core-Tech to the Cloud Carrier and participated in the team's assault on S.T.O.R.M..

In Rising, it was used to carry Team Core-Tech away from Dr. Klipse's flying fortress before being called back into its Core.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

Special Moves

  • Dual Blasts
  • Wave Cutter
  • Wave Cutter Strike



Monsuno: World Master

Monsuno: Combat Chaos


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