"Lock, get 'em!"

—Chase, Clash

Chase Suno
Chara01 01.png
First appearance Clash
Voiced by Cam Clarke
KENN (Japanese)
Age 15
School level
Gender Male
Race Human
<span style="cursor: help; border-bottom: 1px dotted green;" title="Faction of this battler">Faction (Faction of this battler) Core-Tech Core-Tech
Monsuno Lock
Lock 2.0 (temporary)
Bio Backslash (temporary)
Hyper Driftblade
Hyper Ironjaw
Hyper Deadfall

Chase Suno (チェイス・スーノ Cheisu Sūno) is the main protagonist of Monsuno, and the leader of Team Core-Tech. His Monsunos are Lock, Evo, NitestoneBabeon, DeepsixBatteram, Hyper Driftblade, Hyper Deadfall and Hyper Ironjaw.


Chase Suno wakes one morning to find his father gone. A legendary scientist, Jeredy had solved a timeless mystery.

But not before he left his only son, Chase, a special gift, a powerful guardian in dangerous times – a Monsuno. And not just any Monsuno – the first Monsuno Jeredy reanimated, and the means to control it.

Chase Suno is now on a mission to master the battle potential of his Monsuno in order to protect himself, to build a team of like-minded Monsuno “Adepts”, and to find his missing father.


15-year-old Chase is all confidence and charisma. He is inherently heroic, clever, and loves challenges. When we first meet him, Chase is coping with the disappearance of his father. This is the catalyst that begins his journey with Monsuno. But as Chase learns more about Monsuno, he must rise to the challenge of being a hero. Together with Lock, he must find a way to coexist and create a partnership in hopes of saving the world.

Chase Suno is the risk taking kind of character who will go to any lengths to complete his goal or finish his objective, in this case that is to find his father. Chase Suno is an avid adventure seeker and adrenaline junkie.

Chase' favourite move for Lock is Emerald Diamond Rain, a fact that has repeatedly been stated throughout the show's three seasons. His other favourite attacks include Burning Moons and Jaded Heart.

Chase respects his father figures, namely his father and Jeredy, apologising for his actions when they are out of turn, and listening to their opinions, but doesn't extend this to his teammates. In Evolve (Part 2), after putting them in immense mortal danger, the rest of Team Core-Tech are in consensus that Chase would never apologise to them.  

Chase has also openly stated that he is an avid reader of the literature sub-genre known as "Erotic Romance", after a statement made in Light. 

He appears to be very materialistic, as he is seen requesting cores and other such items from his father on multiple occasions. Examples are the S.T.O.R.M. vehicle he wanted for his birthday in Train and the computer that Jeredy brought with him in Space, in order to create an anti-virus to restore the S.T.O.R.M mainframe. He has an insatiable appetite, often eating far more portions than needed.  

Chase bears strong convictions, making him a strong leader, and takes charge in making bad decisions for the whole group, often directing their actions during battle. When Dax first enters the group, he is suspicious both for him and his teammates, although he accepts him later on. He also holds his team's dynamic together, providing appropriate support to their needs, which they return. He can't cope well with young children, namely Sebastian.  

As the leader of Team Core-Tech, Chase feels entitled to hog as many as cores as he can, his trove numbering a staggering six.

Physical Appearance

Chase looks to be of average height. He has black medium length black hair inherited from his father and teal eyes inherited from his mother. His outfit consists of a thin tight muscle short-sleeve black V-neck mid shoulder-elbow length T-shirt and tight brown slim pants. His pants are pulled up to his waist and his shirt is tucked in. He also wears a dark brown belt with a silver rectangular belt buckle and the pant legs are tucked in his black calf-high boots with silver zippers. The outfit is completed with a blue hoodless raised collar jacket with white trims and silver zippers on the sleeves. He also wears a necklace of some sort around his neck given to him at birth by his mother. Chase has a moderately athletic build, often revealed by his tight-fitting clothes.


Monsuno: World Master

Chase debuted in Clash where he, Bren and Jinja had set out to find his father's old laboratory. After they stumble upon the building, Chase finds something his father had left for him, a Monsuno, which he named Lock. After a fight with S.T.O.R.M., Chase and his friends escape.

In Courage, Chase leads his friends to infiltrate a S.T.O.R.M. base for a Monsuno. After Bren acquires Quickforce, he and Chase battle against S.T.O.R.M., winning and escaping again.

In Underground, he and his friends talk to Grandma Future, who leads them into a trap in The Underground. Chase is pointed in the direction of his father by a con-man, Mr. Black.

In Wicked, Chase is lured to an abandoned warehouse via edit messages of his father. It turns out that the leader of the Darkspin gang, Medea, brought Chase their to steal his Monsuno. Chase and his friends fight and beat Medea and her gang, and win.

In Knowledge, Chase and company head up to Tebab in Mandala, where they are drugged by The Bookman and held captive. They escape with the help of a young monk named Beyal, and defeat The Bookman. Beyal leaves Tebab in the care of Master Ey and joins the Core-Tech team.

In Breakthrough, the team tries to evade S.T.O.R.M., but Chase decides to try to blow though the blockade.

In R.S.V.P., Chase leads the team to the Lowlands, where he is invited to meet Dr. Klipse. After spilling noodles on Dax and picking a fight with him, he meets up with Dr. Klipse. The team later helps Dax fend off Dr. Klipse, and begin to follow Dax.

In Appleseeds, Chase and the gang follow Dax to some ruins, where Medea and her gang attempts to trap Chase. Chase and his dad finally meet for the first time, allowing Jeredy to give his son a launch gear and new Monsuno, Evo. Chase uses Evo to beat Medea and escape the ruins. Afterwards, Dax offers to join the team, which Chase accepts.

In Eye, they head to Costal City, only to find it in the middle of a hurricane. After finding out it was caused by a Wild Core, and that S.T.O.R.M. wanst to harness its power, Chase and Bren attack the Wild Core, managing to shut it off and saving the city.

In Deceit, Chase tries to lure Charlemagne into a trap, but she traps the Core-Tech first. That turns out to be part of Chase and Dax's trap, and the team gains two Monsuno Essence thanks to their teamwork.

In Trust, Chase is invited by Jon Ace to join with him. Chase accepts at first, but after realizing he needs his friends, turns back and help defeat an ambush Medea had laid for his friends.

In Hunted, he and the team are under attack by Dom Pyro, who kidnaps them one by one. After finally meeting up with him in the Center Temple, Chase manages to collapse the roof on top of him, defeating him.

In Shadow, Jon Ace leads the team to an abandoned mining facility where Chase's father used to work. After being attacked by Dr. Klipse and Hargrave, Chase and everyone in the battle experience the Shadow Effect, which turns the Monsuno against their Controllers. After Syncing with Lock, he manages to take control and reverse the effect.

In Lost, Chase and his friends are visiting The Dreaming when Chase spots a rogue Lock. This upsets Chase, as well as his Monsuno, causing Lock to leave him after a battle with a S.T.O.R.M. Elite. After Lock digs up a Wild Core, Chase manages to finally track him down before he unspun, in the possession of One-Eyed Jack. After a battle between the Core-Tech team and Jack and his henchmen, Chase syncs with Lock, and Lock returns to Chase as his Monsuno.

In Light, it was revealed that Chase and Lock were still not completely synced as Lock went wild again while fighting S.T.O.R.M. Chase and Team Core-Tech went back to the Library of Tebab to obtain a book on how to control Monsuno, but they found out that the Bookman was still in control of the library. While Jinja and Dax caused a distraction, Chase, Bren, and Beyal snuck inside the library where they encountered Dawnmaster, who took the book before Beyal could grab it. After Bren and Beyal failed to catch the thief, Chase went after Dawnmaster himself and convinced him that he had good intentions for the book. Just then, the Bookman arrived and captured Chase as Dawnmaster got away. Chase was then tied up by Bookman, who planned on using the book to take control of Lock and an army of Monsuno. As Lock got out of control again, Dawnmaster arrived to defeat the Bookman, but Lock accidentally activated the library's self-destruct sequence. As everyone else escaped, Chase stayed behind and finally synced with Lock once again, and the two managed to escape from the library before its destruction.

In Bright, Chase became troubled by a series of dreams that he has been having about Monsuno destroying the world. Because of this problem, Chase and his friends decide to take a vacation in Westward City, but they encounter the Desert Wolves at the train station. Chase, Bren, and Jinja briefly battle the Desert Wolves until Digby Droog arrived and began firing at the Desert Wolves with his cannon, causing them to retreat. Later, while relaxing on the beach, Chase was approached by Droog, who introduced himself and invited the team to his home for dinner. At Droog's home, Chase was told by Droog to listen to his dreams, and then Droog pressed a spiked purple object against Chase's head, curing his "dream" problem. The Desert Wolves then crashed the party and began destroying Droog's home, so Chase teamed up with Bren and Dax to battle them, with Chase and Lock battling One-Eyed Jack and Freedomstriker one-on-one and winning. After the battle, Chase was told by Droog to meet him at a certain location in one month's time and is told to continue searching for his father.

Monsuno Graphic Novels

Monsuno: Combat Chaos


Monsuno: World Master
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
S.T.O.R.M. Elites 1 Win
Jon Ace 2 Win
Commander Trey (Tag with Bren) 2 Win
Mr. Black 3 Win
Medea 4 No Outcome
Darkspin (Tag with Bren & Jinja) 4 Win
Beyal 5 No Outcome
The Bookman (Tag with Beyal) 5 Win
S.T.O.R.M. Elites (Tag with Bren, Jinja, & Beyal) 6 No Outcome
Commander Trey 6 Win
Charlemagne (Tag with Bren, Jinja, & Beyal) 6 No Outcome
Dax 7 Win
Dax (Tag with Dr. Emmanuel Klipse) 7 Win
Dr. Klipse (Tag with Bren, Jinja, & Dax) 7 Win
Darkspin (Tag with Bren, Jinja, & Beyal) 8 Win
Charlemagne, Dax, Captain, & S.T.O.R.M. Elites (Tag with Bren) 10 Win
Darkspin (Tag with Core-Tech & Jon Ace) 11 Win
Dom Pyro 12 No Outcome
Dr. Klipse & Hargrave (Tag with Jinja & Dax) 13 No Outcome
S.T.O.R.M. Elite 14 Win
Desert Wolves (Tag with Core-Tech) 14 Win
The Bookman (Tag with Dawnmaster) 15 Win
Desert Wolves (Tag with Bren, Jinja, & Digby Droog) 16 No Outcome
Desert Wolves (Tag with Bren & Dax) 16 Win
Dom Pyro (Tag with Bren, Jinja, & Dax) 17 No Outcome
Dom Pyro (Tag with Bren) 17 Win
Medea 18 No Outcome
Darkspin (Tag with Core-Tech) 18 Win
Dr. Klipse & Charlemagne 19 No Outcome
Charlemagne & Commander Trey (Tag with Core-Tech) 20 Win
Desert Wolves (Tag with Core-Tech) 21 Win
Darkspin (Tag with Core-Tech) 22 Win
Charlemagne & S.T.O.R.M. Elites (Tag with Bren) 23 Win
Dr. Klipse & Hargrave (Tag with Core-Tech) 24 Draw
Dr. Klipse, Hargrave, & Desert Wolves (Tag with Core-Tech & Dawnmaster) 25 Win
Dr. Klipse, Hargrave, Charlemagne, & Commander Trey (Tag with Core-Tech) 26 Win

Monsuno: Combat Chaos
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Drezz & Punk Monks (Tag with Core-Tech) 1 Lose
Drezz (Tag with Jinja) 2 No Outcome
Petros & Darkspin (Tag with Core-Tech) 3 No Outcome
Alpha 4 Lose
Alpha 4 Draw
Dr. Emmanuel Klipse & Hargrave (Tag with Bren & Dax) 5 Lose
Punk Monks (Tag with Six) 6 Win
Drezz & Punk Monks (Tag with Core-Tech & Six) 6 Win
Six 6 Win
Shadow-Ghost 7 Lose
Six 8 Win
Petros, Terz, Christoph & Dasha (Tag with Beyal) 9 Lose
Drezz & Punk Monks (Tag with Core-Tech) 9 Win
One-Eyed Jack 10
Comander Trey 10
Alpha 11
Petros Trez Christoph Dasha & Alizstair 12
Petros 12 Win



Monsuno: World Master

Monsuno: Combat Chaos


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