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|attribute = Coretech
|attribute = Coretech
|move = Turbine Tornado
|move = Turbine Tornado
|power = 20
|power = 40
|color = Black
|color = Black
|color text = Silver|vara = [[Cheeclaw]]<br>[[Elemental Cheeclaw]] }}
|color text = Silver|vara = [[Cheeclaw]]<br>[[Elemental Cheeclaw]] }}

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Cheeclaw #50
First appearance Light
Special Move Turbine Tornado
Variations Cheeclaw
Elemental Cheeclaw
Power 40
Controller Dawnmaster
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Cheeclaw (Japanese: Skyleopard (スカイレパード Sukairepādo)) is a Core-Tech Monsuno that resembles a cheetah and bird hybrid. Its Controller is Dawnmaster.



Monsuno: World Master

Cheeclaw debuted in Light, where it was used by Dawnmaster to fight off Librax and succeeded in defeating Librax with assistance from Lock.

In Endgame, it was spun out into the massive battle royale between Team Core-Tech, Eklipse, and the Desert Wolves, where Cheeclaw teamed up with Charger to defeat Backslash.

In Rising, it and Dawnmaster were the first victims of Dr. Klipse's Fusion Core Reactor, which gravely injured Dawnmaster and forcibly returned Cheeclaw back to its Core.

Special Moves

  • Sonic Growl
  • Feather Thorns
  • Turbine Tornado
  • Deflective Coat
  • Elemental Shield
  • Sound Growl
  • Sonic Roar
  • Deflective Shield
  • Sound Roar
  • Feather force
  • Wing slash
  • Curse tornado spiral
  • Tornado spiral
  • Tail feather thorns
  • Light claws
  • Cheetah armor
  • Fire charge
  • Sonic screech
  • Shock sound orb
  • Light blast
  • Razor sharp feather blades
  • Elemental claw
  • Cursed spiral
  • Fire throat
  • Fire throw





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