Combat Chaos is a new set of rules for Monsuno.  Not much is known about them, except they are promoted as an easier rule set for the game.

These are the rules that we can assume from the episode Combat:

The games are best three out of five (or best two out of three if you want a faster game) matches where you use three Monsuno, along with the matching Monsuno cards. You will need a combat arena and a Combat Disc.

Combat Disc in upper right.

This decal will give a bonus depending on where your Monsuno figure lands after its' core comes into contact with the opposing core. The bonuses are located on the back of your Monsuno card. Add this to your Monsuno's "power level", located somewhere on the figure.

Also, on your Monsuno card, you will see that one of the bonuses have a green circle somewhere near it. This circle indicates that you can use your Monsuno's special ability, once for that battle. These abilities have various effects, but manly add power.

After all bonuses have been given, the player with the higher power wins.

Figure List

Series 0

01 Lock
02 Mysticblade
03 Shellshot
04 Ironjaw
05 Demise
06 X-100
07 Spikelash
08 Phantom Airswitch
09 Blackbullet
10 Shadowhornet
11 Ripsaw
12 Afterburn
13 Turbine
14 Phantom Glowblade
15 Phantom Charger
16 Phantom Bioblaze
17 Driftblade
18 Backslash

Series 1

19 Neo-Quickforce
20 Elemental Cheeclaw
21 Twinsting
22 Elemental Librax
23 Warwing
24 Shifter Firewalker
25 Shifter Warwing
26 Skysite
27 Shifter Lock
28 Shifter Mysticblade
29 Shifter Evo
30 Vicegrip
31 Clone Glowblade
32 Clone Longfang
33 Bio-X-100
34 Bio-Ripsaw
35 Boost
36 Morph Neo-Quickforce
37 Airswitch
38 Morph Stingapede
39 Stealth Demise
40 Morph Riccoshot
41 Clone Charger
42 Bio-Dragonburn
43 Stealth Afterburn
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