Combat Chaos is a new set of rules for Monsuno.  The rules may be like this:

A-- Players do a spin-off, and whoever spins longest puts a combat disc -The combat disc decides what core can spin where and what points are attacked with- in the middle of the battlefield. The player to the left of the spin-off winner spins first, being the defender. The other player(s) spin their cores, trying to hit that core.

If they don't, that player gains points equal to that Area's value on their character card. Three rounds pass and whoever has the highest amount of points is the winner.

B-- Each player has 200 Life Points (HP). The youngest player is the defender. They spin out, and that player has to spin there for 3 seconds. The attacker launches their core; and tries to hit them, or tries to spin somewhere else.  If they hit their opponents' core, they subtract points from their opponent's life point values. If both figures pop out, compare combat icon numbers. Whoever loses gets that many life points lost from their HP. If no impact happens, deal the number dictated by the combat disc to that players Life Points (HP).

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