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Core-Tech is the name of the protagonist Monsuno team and Jeredy Suno's company, which makes Monsuno. The Monsuno created by it have light blue colorations.


Core-Tech is the manufacturer of Chase Suno and his friend's Monsuno. The Cores given by Jeredy to people outside of the Core-Tech laboratories tend to be either lighter or darker than the normal blue given inside the labs.

Notable Members

Core-Tech Symbol


Core-Tech's actual symbol

Core-Tech – Founded by Dr. Jeredy Suno and funded by S.T.O.R.M., the Core-Tech Laboratory was initiated to research the amazing new energy source that had been mined from deep within the earth. The Monsunos manufactured by Jeredy’s vision, are, by default, very partnership driven. Core-Tech Monsuno will most often be used and controlled by the good guys.