Cores are devices used to spin Monsuno into battle in the anime and real life. Beginning in Monsuno: World Master, there are three different Core types: Core-Tech, S.T.O.R.M. and Eklipse. In Monsuno: Combat Chaos, two new types are introduced, the Forge Resistance and Five Arms.

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An Eklipse Core


In the anime, Cores are devices made by Jeredy Suno to turn the Monsuno Essence into a living creature. It does this by combining elements and animal DNA allowing the Monsuno Essence to hyper-evolve into a living creature. Once the refined Monsuno Essence is loaded into a Core, you can spin the Core triggering the hyper-evolution. But once hyper-evolved Monsuno is out of its Core, it can only survive for about 8 minutes before it unspins.

Types of Cores

Monsuno: World Master


Colors: Blue and White


Colors: Red and Maroon


Colors: Black and Yellow

Wild Cores

Colors: Various

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

Forge Resistance

Colors: Orange and Grey

Hand of Destiny

Colors: Green

Season 3

Eklipse Resistance

Colours: Red, Orange and Purple

Hand of Destiny

Colours: Purple, Green, Grey and Black




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