First appearance Light
Voiced by Kirk Thornton
Age Adult
Gender Male
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech
Monsuno Cheeclaw

Dawnmaster (ドーンマスター Dōnmasutā) is a master thief, mercenary, and ally of Team Core-Tech. His Monsuno is Cheeclaw.


He speaks in a robotic-sounding voice.

Physical Appearance

The Dawnmaster wears a porcelain mask, a red cloak, and a gray jumpsuit underneath.


Monsuno: World Master

Dawnmaster debuted in Light, where he took the book that Beyal was looking for from him and fled, only to be chased by Team Core-Tech. Dawnmaster scared Bren before being confronted by Beyal and was then chased throughout the Library of Tebab. When he was cornered, Dawnmaster threw the book away, only for Beyal to find out that it was a blank copy. Chase then confronted Dawnmaster and convinced him that he was an ally who had good intentions for wanting the book. The Bookman then arrived and captured Chase, who told Dawnmaster to save himself. Dawnmaster fled to where Bren and Beyal were and led them to where Chase was being held captive. As Bookman began his battle against Lock, Dawnmaster spun out Cheeclaw, who quickly and easily defeated Librax. When the self-destruct sequence was initiated, Dawnmaster, Bren, and Beyal escaped from the library, where they regrouped with Jinja and Dax. In the end, it was revealed that Master Ey had hired Dawnmaster to replace all of the library's books with blank copies and bring the real books to Master Ey.

In Endgame, he stole a handful of jewels and was being chased by the police until Dawnmaster was stopped by Chase Suno. Dawnmaster was told to return the jewels and was then hired by Chase to help Team Core-Tech break into Eklipse HQ in order to rescue Jeredy Suno. Dawnmaster blasted the door open without causing any damage and then left after Chase thanked him for his services. Later, Dawnmaster interrupted the battle between Team Core-Tech, Eklipse, and the Desert Wolves by spinning Cheeclaw into the battle. After Team Core-Tech won the battle, Dawnmaster watched as Dr. Emmanuel Klipse's flying fortress rose off the ground.

In Rising, he and Cheeclaw were the first victims of Dr. Klipse's Fusion Core Reactor, with the two getting blasted. Dawnmaster was left severely injured from the blast and Cheeclaw was forcibly sent back to its Core. Dawnmaster presumably escaped before being blasted again by the Fusion Core Reactor.


Monsuno: World Master
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
The Bookman (Tag with Chase Suno) 15 Win
Dr. Emmanuel Klipse, Hargrave, & Desert Wolves (Tag with Core-Tech) 25 Win



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