Grandma Future
First appearance Underground
Voiced by Karen Strassman
Age Aged Adult
Gender Female
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Monsuno Poisonwing (Season 3)

Grandma Future (フューチャー婆さん Fyūchā Bāsan) is Mr. Black's mother and the self-proclaimed fortuneteller of Axistown.


Grandma Future appears to be the kind, warm-hearted grandma-next-door who can aid Chase and Team Core-Tech in their search for Jeredy Suno.

Chase and the team quickly learn that this little old lady knows much more than she puts off.


Monsuno: World Master

Grandma Future debuted in Underground, where she was seen viewing various monitors that were linked up to security cameras scattered throughout the city. Grandma Future tracked Team Core-Tech's movements throughout Axistown and greeted them at her home. When Chase asked her about the whereabouts of his father, Grandma Future lied about knowing anything about Jeredy Suno and told Chase that Jeredy went to The Underground to confront Mr. Black. After Team Core-Tech left for the Underground, Grandma Future informed Mr. Black of the team's impending arrival. At the end of the episode, Grandma Future berated Mr. Black on his failure to take Team Core-Tech's Monsunos.



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