This is the list of episodes in the animated television series, Monsuno: World Master.


Monsuno...They hurtled through space eons before man existed... They burned through the planet's atmosphere and crashed into four corners of the world, bringing chaos, destruction and the extinction of the dinosaurs...And as suddenly as they arrived...they vanished. Now they are back! The rise of Monsuno will spell the ultimate destruction of our planet...or launch the courageous adventure of mankind's newest hero, the unpredictable teenager, Chase Suno?


Title English air date
01 "Clash" ("Lock!")
"Lock!" (ロック!(鍵))
February 23, 2012
Chase Suno and his two best friends Bren and Jinja arrive at one of Jeredy Suno's laboratories. The father has gone missing, and Chase is looking for clues. Chase gets the Core and in the ensuing struggle, a desperate Chase "spins" Lock into existence from this fully-loaded Core.
02 "Courage"
"Yūki" (勇気)
February 23, 2012
Chase Suno and his two compatriots steal a S.T.O.R.M. vehicle carrying Core-Tech technology. They discover Chase's father had created a Monsuno called Quickforce who is being held in the cold, scientific hands of S.T.O.R.M., and they're experimenting on it. The three teens stage a brave infiltration of the S.T.O.R.M. facility in order to free Quickforce.
03 "Underground" ("Underworld")
March 1, 2012
The three heroes venture into the big city of Axistown to find any trail of Jeredy Suno that they can. The three meet up with a rich old woman who sends them into The Underground on Jeredy's trail. However, the Underground is a fight club for Monsuno. The heroes find themselves embroiled in a fight for the coveted vial of Monsuno Essence, which Jinja will use to create Charger.
04 "Wicked" ("Trap")
March 8, 2012
When Chase Suno receives a garbled message from his father asking to meet up, our hero can't resist. Chase heads out alone to an abandoned facility in search of his father, only to meet up with Medea and Darkspin! Chase must now face the challenge of his young life all the while hoping to still find his father.
05 "Knowledge" ("Mysterious Stranger")
March 15, 2012
Chase Suno, Bren, and Jinja travel to Mandala and to the ancient Library of Tebab. A little knowledge would go a long way with our heroes at the moment. This is where they encounter a young Controller named Beyal.
06 "Breakthrough"
March 22, 2012
S.T.O.R.M. sets up a blockade in an attempt to not allow Team Core-Tech out of Mandala. It's a game of cat and mouse, and the only way Chase Suno and his compadres are going to make it out alive is if Chase can get in touch with his "dreams" and instincts.
07 "R.S.V.P." ("Ash Appeared")
March 29, 2012
Chase, Jinja, Bren, and Beyal head into the Lowlands to lay low, where they bump into Dax. After a losing battle with Chase, Dax vows revenge. Plus, Beyal is having some scary visions that he can't quite decipher. Worst of all, Dr. Emmanuel Klipse makes his move and invites Chase to join his organization.
08 "Appleseeds" ("Reunion with his father")
May 29, 2012
The teens are hiking through the Lowlands...following Dax, if he is going to really be a part of their team then Chase needs to find out what he is all about.
09 "Eye" ("Wild Core")
May, 30, 2012
Dax has "joined" the team, but nobody is too happy about it. Chase still suspects Dax knows something about his father and asks about it. Dax denies all knowledge but did hear the old guy say something about Coastal City. Good enough of a lead for Team Core-Tech to follow.
10 "Deceit" ("Storm")
May 31, 2012
Dax is a trusted member of the group...well, he's not entirely trusted. Chase has been convinced by Beyal that Dax is supposed to be the fifth of the five. Things go from bad to worse as Dax not only sells them out but tries to help Charlemagne capture them. Chase reveals that it was all a plan to use Dax in a little "bait and switch" sting to get more vials of Monsuno Essence.
11 "Trust"
June 7, 2012
Chase Suno and Team Core-Tech can't catch a break. They're being harassed. They're on the run. They can't sleep. They have barely eaten anything in three weeks. Tempers are flaring. Add to that mix the fact that Jon Ace arrives and tells Chase that there is a spy in the group sending a signal to Darkspin and Chase is almost at a breaking point.
12 "Hunted" ("Monsuno Hunter")
June 14, 2012
Chase Suno and the others crash land in the jungle where they are joined by Jon Ace, freshly resigned from S.T.O.R.M. and on the run himself. But that's not the only surprise the jungle holds. Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted by a hired killer, the crazy Dom Pyro (under orders from Dr. Klipse).
13 "Shadow"
June 21, 2012
Jon Ace leads the team to a mining operation where he, Jeredy Suno, and Dr. Klipse originally extracted and researched the meteor fragments, suggesting Chase might find a clue to his father's whereabouts there. But Jon Ace has his own agenda: to destroy all the Monsuno Essence!
14 "Lost" ("The Lost Person")
June 28, 2012
When Chase experiences a vision of a possible future where Monsuno have turned on humans, he becomes scared of Lock, which causes the Monsuno to sever the bond between them and flee. Away from its Core, Lock's energy quickly fades and it begins to unspin permanently, until it unearths a Wild Core, which reenergizes Lock to supercharged levels.
15 "Light"
July 5, 2012
During an intense battle with S.T.O.R.M. Soldiers, Chase and Team Core-Tech realize that the rift between Chase and Lock has not fully healed. Beyal tells them of a book in the Library of Tebab that could restore their connection and their relationship, the only problem is they have to make it past The Bookman!
16 "Bright" ("Amusement Park")
July 12, 2012
Chase has another one of his intense dreams only this time he doesn't believe it was just a dream. He thinks he's having visions about the massive disaster that is coming...the impending disaster caused by Monsuno!
17 "Trophies" ("Revenge")
July 19, 2012
When Chase has a dream about his mother, it really gets in his head. These dreams are much more like visions. He's really picking up the "Monsuno Sight" in a very big way. Conversely, Beyal's ability to see anything at all has gone away and he's really starting to despair.
18 "Ice" ("North")
July 26, 2012
Desperately trying to regain his visions, which have pretty much been non-existent lately, Beyal tries too hard and loses it going into a catatonic state. Worried, Chase and the gang take Beyal to the Tiger Temple with Master Ey. He tells them that to save Beyal, they must travel to the Cave of Convergence. It's deep in the cold, icy mountains of Northpoint. To save Beyal, they must risk their own lives to get him to that cave!
19 "Wellspring" ("Fountain")
October 12, 2012
Searching for answers, Chase leads his crew back into the crystal-filled Cave of Convergence, the one they completely trashed in the previous episode. Using their Monsunos to clear the wreckage, they find a passage into a hidden valley. It leads them to the Valley of the Five Tribes: the largest impact crater from the original Monsuno meteor 65 million years ago...
20 "Life"
October 19, 2012
Chase and the teens are taking advantage of their surroundings to get some food...via ice fishing. But what turns out as some fun and laughs turns into a life changing moment for Chase when Beyal has one of his visions. But this is a very special vision. It is of Chase's mom...she is alive!
21 "Failsafe" ("Ash's Secret")
October 26, 2012
Chase and the teens are in Mandala looking for clues. They have to find Jeredy and put an end to all of this insanity once and for all. But, instead they find something just a little bit different when Dax finally comes clean about his top secret work with Jeredy. They learn that an end to all of this insanity is coming...but a different kind of end. It will be an end to all Monsuno...or end to our entire world.
22 "Remembrance" ("The Father and of the Son")
November 2, 2012
When Jeredy Suno takes off in his mobile tractor trailer lab for an unknown reason, he attracts the attention of Darkspin and they go after him. Already on the trail of his father, Chase and the gang catch wind of this and resolve to do whatever it takes to protect Jeredy - even though Chase is mad at him for lying about his Mom.
23 "Assault" ("Huge Battleship")
November 9, 2012
With Jeredy held in the cruel hands of Charlemagne and S.T.O.R.M., Chase has no other option than to plan a full-scale assault on Cloud Carrier Epsilon, Charlemagne's flagship. All goes well except for the fact that Charlemagne is fully anticipating Chase's every move and it looks like the end for our heroes.
24 "Monster"
November 16, 2012
When Jeredy and the Mon Five attempt to place the very last Failsafe device deep down in the sewers of a dingy thief city named Isemon they slowly suspect that they're being followed. The team attempts to stay focused with the job at hand but soon that becomes impossible. This thing - whatever it is - is not just following them, it's snatching them up one by one!
25 "Endgame" ("Battle with Eklipse")
November 21, 2012
Chase and the teens are trying to figure out a way to rescue Jeredy and Ace, before it's too late from the cruel hands of Dr. Emmanuel Klipse! But, we soon learn it may already be too late, because Klipse has revealed his ultimate plan to capture Chase and use him for scientific experiments. If Jeredy wants to save his son, the good doctor must perform his own scientific experiments...on Ace.
26 "Rising" ("Tomorrow")
"Ashita" (明日へ(あしたへ))
November 21, 2012
Chase and the teens are right where we left grave danger. Along with the Dawnmaster and One-Eyed Jack and his Desert Wolves...they are all trapped in the bottom half of what's left of Klipse's lab. Klipse has his evil hands on weapons of mass destruction being powered by his new toy...a Monsuno Fusion Core Reactor (developed from his work in the Shadow Effect). He is moments from pulling the trigger! But, that is not the worst of it. S.T.O.R.M. has just picked up their location and are heading in...ready for battle!
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