Lock (Prototype) #N/A
First appearance TBD
Special Move TBD
Variations Lock
Hyper Lock
Lock 2.0
Elemental Lock
Elemental Lock (Version 2)
Elemental Lock (Version 3)
Shadow Lock
Morph Lock
Surge Lock
Crystal Lock
Gold Lock
Blue Lock
Lock (Prototype)
Gold Lock (Japan promo)
Lock (gold version)
Fusion Lock
Elemental Fusion Lock
Phantom Fusion Lock
Elemental Fusion Lock (Version 2)
Phantom Lock
Clone Lock
Shifter Lock
Archaic Lock
Power 10
Controller TBD
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Lock (Prototype) is an exclusive variation of Lock that could only be obtained through Japanese giveaways.


When looked at carefully, you may notice that the ring around the bottom of the Core is slightly larger then the ring around normal Cores.



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