Longfang #14
Longfang 580 4.png
First appearance Deceit
Special Move Fang Barrage
Variations Longfang
Elemental Longfang
Surge Longfang
Clone Longfang
Power 20
Controller Bren
Faction Core-Tech Core-Tech

Longfang (ロングファング Rongufangu) is a Core-Tech Monsuno. Its Controller is Bren. It resembles a saber-toothed tiger. The position of the diamonds on his back and tail resemble that of an ankylosaurus.


Longfang, Bren's second Monsuno, is strong, quick and already ready for action with its dagger-like teeth and powerful claw swiping abilities.


Monsuno: World Master

Longfang debuted in Deceit, where Dax gave Bren its Monsuno Essence after tying Bren to a tree. After Bren freed himself and arrived at the battle between Team Core-Tech and S.T.O.R.M., he inserted the Essence into a Core and spun out Longfang. Longfang then defeated Hydro as it was trying to attack Lock and then assisted Lock in fending off Driftblade.

In Trust, it fought alongside Charger against Boost and Glowblade when tensions arose in the group after Chase left. Longfang later participated in the battle against Darkspin.

In Bright, it fought alongside Lock and Whipper against Freedom Striker, Sizzler, and Stingapede until Digby Droog interrupted the battle. Later, Longfang fought alongside Lock and Boost against the Desert Wolves' Monsuno again and it succeeded in defeating Sizzler.

In Ice, it fought one-on-one against Moonfire, but the battle had no outcome. Throughout the episode, Longfang, Charger, and Bioblaze were used to prevent Darkspin from reaching the Cave of Convergence. Later, Longfang teamed up with the other Core-Tech Monsuno against the Darkspin Monsuno, with the intervention of Glowblade ending in Team Core-Tech's victory.

In Assault, it fought alongside Lock and Quickforce against Driftblade, Skysite, and Crossbolt on the downed Cloud Carrier. As the majority of the battle was off-screen, it is presumed that Longfang and Quickforce defeated Crossbolt and Skysite.

In Monster, it participated in the battle against Dr. Emmanuel Klipse and Hargrave, where Longfang was easily overpowered by Toxic Ace until its eight minutes were up and Longfang returned to its Core.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

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Monsuno: World Master

Monsuno: Combat Chaos



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