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Commandant Charlemagne holding a vial of Monsuno Essence

Monsuno Essence is what Monsuno are created from. It is found in the ground, either in exposed layers or deep underground. Underground, it appears at a glowing green band of ore. In a capsule, it resembles a glowing green substance, possibly a liquid. This could also be considered refined Monsuno Essence. It is also what is put into pre-loaded Cores and creates the Monsuno inside Cores.

In its purest form, Monsuno Essence is hazardous to humans. The only place this is found is at the Well of Pure Life at the Valley of the Five Tribes. After the Well was destroyed, the last sample of pure Monsuno Essence was collected by Hargrave and now belongs to Dr. Klipse.

As seen in Monsuno: Combat Chaos, Monsuno Essence can also alter plants and nature, as well as each part of the essence giving off an "energy wave", which is what is commanding the essence to burrow into the heart of the Earth.


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