In order to make the Monsuno Wiki a safe community for everyone, policies have been developed for your benefit. These policies and guidelines apply to all the editors of the wiki, and all editors are expected to obey.

For guidelines on how an article on the Monsuno Wiki should be formatted, consider reading our Manuel of Style.

Image Policy

Images should:

  • Be of good quality
  • Have the subject as the focal point

Fan Content

The articles of the Monsuno Wiki are concerning canon and official material of the Monsuno series. Please abide the following rules regarding fan content:

  • Please DO NOT write and publish articles regarding fan content. If you wish to mention your fan creations, only mention them briefly on either your message wall or a forum. Please do not create a blog post dedicated entirely to fan creation, nor even post a profile of your fan creation anywhere on the Wiki.
  • Please DO NOT role play on the Monsuno Wiki. Saying you want to do a Monsuno role play on another website on the Wiki is tolerated, but role playing right on the Wiki isn't acceptable, as we DO NOT want drama on it.
  • Please DO NOT post messages on other people's message walls regarding fan creation, unless you have permission to do so.

Trolling Policy

Non-constructive trolling is NOT allowed on the Monsuno Wiki. Trolls will be blocked according to the Blocking Policy.

Vandalism Policy

Vandalism of any kind is NOT allowed and vandals will be blocked according to the Blocking Policy.

Blocking Policy


Privacy Policy


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