Nitestone #66
First appearance Lost
Special Move TBD
Power 10
Controller Chase Suno
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Nitestone (Japanese: Nightjackel (ナイトジャッカル Naitojakkaru)) is a Core-Tech Monsuno. Its Controller is Chase Suno. It resembles a mix between a cat and a jackal.


Nitestone is Chase's third Monsuno acquired. With a keen sense of smell, it can track anything from miles away and not let up the search. Coupled with its tracking senses is its land speed and agility, maneuvering swiftly and attacking its opponents with swift pounces and blue spheres it can fire from its mouth.

Like the Core-Tech Monsuno on Chase's team, Nitestone is very loyal to Chase. It is very reliable on hit and run maneuvers, but is also capable of holding its own against strong opponents like Driftblade when counted on in dire situations.


Monsuno: World Master

Nitestone debuted in Lost where it was used by Chase to help track down the runaway Lock. It later participated in the battle with the Desert Wolves, but was called back into its Core towards the end of the battle.

In Wellspring, it was launched into battle to assist Lock in its fight against Backslash and Driftblade. Nitestone fought Driftblade for the majority of the battle, until the Well of Pure Life was destroyed and the battle ended with no outcome.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

In Flash, it was used during Team Core-Tech's invasion of the S.T.O.R.M. outpost.

Special Moves

  • Fire Spear Barrage
  • Headbutt
  • Fire Spear
  • Elemental shield



Monsuno: World Master

Monsuno: Combat Chaos


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