Poisonwing #24
Poisonwing 580
First appearance Wicked
Special Move Stasis Sting
Variations Poisonwing
Shadow Poisonwing
Power 40
Controller Medea
Grandma Future (Season 3)
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon eklipse med Eklipse

Poisonwing (Japanese: Wingviper (ウィングバイパー Wingubaipā)) is an Eklipse Monsuno. Its Controller is Medea. It resembles a hybrid between a dragonfly and a spitting cobra.


Poisonwing, Medea's Monsuno, attacks with deadly reptilian precision. Additional airstrike abilities make as dangerous and unpredictable as its Controller!


Monsuno: World Master

Poisonwing debuted in Wicked, where Medea used it in her battle against Chase Suno. During the battle, Poisonwing gained assistance in the form of the other three Darkspin Monsuno, but Chase and Lock escaped before the battle could continue. It later fought against Lock once again, but the battle ended in a loss for Medea and Poisonwing.

In Appleseeds, it briefly fought against Lock before the latter was called back into its Core after saving Chase. After Chase spun out Evo, Poisonwing was quickly defeated with one hit.

In Ice, it fought one-on-one against Lock, but the battle had no outcome. Later, Poisonwing teamed up with the other Darkspin Monsuno against the Core-Tech Monsuno, but it was blown out of the Cave of Convergence by Glowblade.

In Remembrance, it participated in the battle against Team Core-Tech while also trying to capture Jeredy Suno. Poisonwing and all of the other Darkspin Monsunos were eventually defeated when Lock destroyed the bridge where the battle was fought, causing the Monsunos to fall down to the river below.

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