Char righty.png
First appearance Underground
Voiced by Cam Clarke
Age Adult
Gender Male
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Monsuno Snapclaw (Deceased)

Righty (ライティ Raiti) is one of Mr. Black's bodyguards. His Monsuno was Snapclaw.


Righty, Lefty's twin brother, handles the other side of business in the Underground.


Monsuno: World Master

Righty debuted in Underground, where he called Snapclaw back into its Core and led Team Core-Tech into The Underground. Later, when Jinja challenged Mr. Black to a fight with no Monsuno, Mr. Black sent Righty and Lefty to fight her instead, but both bodyguards were knocked out by Jinja. Righty and Snapclaw then battled against Bren and Quickforce in the subway, but Righty was defeated.

In Failsafe, he and Lefty were confronted by the Desert Wolves at Chef Syd's new restaurant. After a short battle, Righty and Lefty lost and had their Monsunos "liberated".


Monsuno: World Master
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Bren 3 Lose
One-Eyed Jack (Tag with Lefty) 21 Lose



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