Mrs. Suno
First appearance Wicked
Voiced by Karen Strassman
Age Adult
Gender Female
Monsuno None

Sofia Suno is the mother of Chase Suno and wife of Jeredy Suno.


Physical Appearance

Mrs. Suno has brown hair, pale skin, teal eyes and wears pink lipstick. In addition, she wore a pink headband on her hair in Chase's dream, and she was wearing a long white dress with long sleeves and a hood, but in a family picture with her husband and her son she was wearing a white-blue dress. She also wears a necklace of some sort around her neck, which was later given to her son.


Monsuno: World Master

Sofia Suno indirectly debuted in Wicked, where she appeared in Chase's dream. In the dream Sofia was singing, and when Chase tried to catch up with her and see her face, the dream ended.

In Trophies, she appeared to Chase in a dream/vision, where Chase encountered Sofia in a white cloak at her apparent grave before Chase woke up from his dream.

In Ice, she appeared to Chase in several visions, directing him in his mission to retrieve Beyal's soul from the Cave of Convergence.

In Wellspring, she appeared to Chase in another vision, this time guiding him and Team Core-Tech out of the collapsing Well of Pure Life.

In Life, it was revealed that Sofia is in fact alive, and she had reached out to Beyal in a vision as well. Beyal explained to the team that Sofia Suno told him that only danger lied ahead and that Chase should end his journey and stop taking the road that he has been walking. When Chase confronted Jeredy on Mrs. Suno's whereabouts, Jeredy explained that she had just suddenly disappeared, and that she may have been taken by force, seeing as how Jeredy was never able to track down Mrs. Suno with all of his resources.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

In Insight, Sofia teleported Chase and Beyal when they were in danger of getting kidnapped by three members of the Hand of Destiny.

In Victory, after the defeat of the Hand of Destiny, Sofia was reunited with Chase and Jeredy.



Monsuno: World Master

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Monsuno: Combat Chaos

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