Infobox Monsuno
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
General infobox for characters in the show. For Monsuno, see {{Infobox Monsuno}}.
  • color - Background color for headings.
  • color text - Text color for headings.
  • name - ChaseSuno
  • <code>image - Image for the character. Example: [[Image:Beyal 2.png|200px]]. No alignment / thumb is needed.
    • caption - Caption for the image.
  • first - First appearance.
  • voiced by - Voice actor for the character.

  • age - Age of the character.
  • school - School level of the character. For elementary school, enter 1 to 6. For middle school, enter 7 to 9. For high school, enter 10 and above. The system used is for Japanese schools.
  • gender - Gender of the character. May only be Male or Female!
  • born - July22
  • occupation - Occupation of the character. Being a battler or student is not an occupation!
  • attribute -Faction of the character. Automatically links to {{Attribute}}. Just enter Coretech, Storm, or eklipse
  • guardian - Main Monsuno of the character.

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