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The Bookman
First appearance Knowledge
Voiced by Christopher Smith
Age Adult
Gender Male
Faction Hand of Destiny Hand of Destiny
Monsuno Librax

The Bookman (Japanese: Lord Vector (ベクター卿 Bekutā Kyou)) is the book keeper for the monks at the Library of Tebab. His Monsuno are LibraxUrrax and Klorg.


The Bookman presents himself as distinguished bookeeper for the mystical Library of Tebab. After taking refuge in his keep, Chase and Team Core-Tech quickly learn that the Bookman is no trusted ally.


He is extremely arrogant and full of himself, and he never stops talking. He only studies information that he considers to be important, which always leads to his defeat, and he never learns from his mistakes.


Monsuno: World Master

Bookman debuted in Knowledge, where he greeted the Core-Tech Team as they entered Tebab, but later drugged them and held them captive. After they escaped, Bookman and Librax fought against Chase and Beyal, but were easily defeated.

In Light, it was revealed that Bookman was still in control of the library and had it modified to prevent any intrusions. It was also revealed that he had acquired an army of Eklipse Monsuno, but had no control over them. When Jinja and Dax began causing trouble outside the library, Bookman exited the library and briefly fought the two before being informed of intruders inside the library. Bookman then called Librax back into its Core and rushed back into the library where he captured Chase. After acquiring the book on how to control Monsuno from Chase, Bookman attempted to take control of Lock, but Lock went on a wild frenzy, so Bookman spun out Librax to calm Lock down. Dawnmaster then arrived and spun out Cheeclaw, which easily defeated Librax, and then Lock smashed the control panel for the library's defenses, activating the self-destruct sequence. Bookman attempted to shut down the sequence, but failed and fled the library with his subordinates before the library blew up.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos


Monsuno: World Master
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Chase Suno & Beyal 5 Lose
Jinja & Dax 15 No Outcome
Chase Suno & Dawnmaster 15 Lose