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  • I live in Space Australia
  • My occupation is Indulging myself in the vast world of anime
  • I am Looking for ways to avoid boredom :^)


Monsuno and Me

Hello, my name is Nexus360, or Luke, Nexus, or Nex if you prefer. I first got interested in Monsuno when I was doing homework and Knowledge premiered on TV. After seeing the epic battle between Chase and Beyal versus the Bookman, Monsuno instantly became one of my favorite shows. During the hiatus after R.S.V.P., I went back on YouTube and watched the first four episodes along with the new ones that premiered in Australia before the United States. I eagerly awaited the premiere of Light, and after that, I decided to help out the shorthanded Monsuno Wiki by starting my account. Now I hope that this wiki will grow to be as great as the other big names out there on Wikia.

Favorite Characters

  1. Dawnmaster (AKA Mista Beatbox)
  2. Chase Suno
  3. Dr. Emmanuel Klipse (AKA Dr. Eklipse)
  4. Beyal (AKA Monk Fish)
  5. Jinja

Least Favorite Characters

  1. Commandant Marshall Charlemagne (AKA Bad Accent Lady)
  2. Jon Ace (AKA Toxic Ace)
  3. Commander Trey (AKA Guy-Who-Can't-Spin-a-Core)
  4. Medea (AKA Bad Hair Day)
  5. Dax (AKA Aussie)

Favorite Monsuno

  1. Boost
  2. Longfang
  3. Lock
  4. Glowblade
  5. Goldhorn

Least Favorite Monsuno

  1. Lock 2.0
  2. Driftblade
  3. Spikebat
  4. Spikelash
  5. Shadowhornet

Favorite Episodes

  1. Trust
  2. Wellspring
  3. Light
  4. Life
  5. Assault

Favorite Battles

  1. Core-Tech & Jon Ace vs. Darkspin
  2. Chase Suno vs. Dr. Eklipse vs. Bad Accent Lady
  3. Chase Suno & Mista Beatbox vs. Teh Bookman
  4. Core-Tech vs. Bad Accent Lady & Guy-Who-Can't-Spin-a-Core
  5. Chase Suno & Glasses vs. Bad Accent Lady, Aussie, Redneck, and 2 Halo Spartans
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