right, well, as we all know, monsuno is a lil bit of a dying fandom

and had terrible handlng in airing resulting in season 3 not airing at all in most places as well as most of season 2, which is terrible

season 3 was thankfully posted in all of its entirety online, although with the exception of Hulu, season 2 wasnt even fully uploaded, so to everyone who may not have seen all of season 2, the best I can do is direct you to Hulu, and use the Hola extension for mozilla and chrome if you aren't in the US

there's very little to add about this show in all honesty, and while I adore it theres very little i can do currently except probably write up episode summaries for every single episode since many pages are lacking

i hope ya'll are doin good!!! if there are any questions you wanna ask, just..comment i suppose~

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