Here it comes guys! Next week, we will see the the launch of the new Season of Monsuno, known as Juusen Battle Monsuno in Japan. Episode 26, titled "Towards the Future", has wrapped up it's airing within the past 30 minutes and the next episode preview was shown!

I present to you, the first confirmed footage of Episode 27, which you guys have been waiting for quite some time! Subtitled as well! And it looks like they're putting out all the stops in the animation for the first episode of the season!

Here you go:

Juusen Battle Monsuno - 27 - Preview Subtitled (HD)

Juusen Battle Monsuno - 27 - Preview Subtitled (HD)


(UPDATE: Higher Quality version of the preview added.)

Next week will also premiere the new Opening and Ending songs. I do wonder if the preview music will change to match the new Opening song, but it may stick. I guess we'll find out next week.

UPDATE #2: Here's High Quality (1080p) resolution screenshots of the Episode Preview:

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