With only a couple weeks until the second season of Monsuno will hit Japan, more information has come out recently.

First off, the single for the new Opening and Ending single has been announced. According to Rey's Official Website, the single will be released on May 29, 2013. The two songs included on them are "SPIN GO!", the Opening Theme, and "Onaji Sekai de" (It's the Same World), the Ending Theme. 

As for some possible additional news, I got what looks like a possible episode title for Season 2. Keep in mind, I can't 100% confirm it until it shows up on TV Tokyo's schedule, so don't take this as conformation as the title could change by the time it airs. Episode 26, which will air in two weeks, has apparently been renamed "Towards the Future" (or literally "To Tomorrow"), and Episode 27, which is new to us, roughly translates to "Machinery Drenched in Orange".

I will update the post once I see some Pre-orders go up for the single.

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