X-100 #06cc
Chara13 02.png
First appearance Flash
Special Move Fire Wheel
Variations X-100
Elemental X-100
Shifter X-100
Power 80
Controller Drezz
Faction Forge Resistance Forge Resistance

X-100 (Japanese: (X-百, X-Hyaku)) is a Forge Monsuno. Its Controller is Drezz. It resembles a cyborg tiger with antelope-like antlers.


It is ferocious when battling opponents. X-100 rarely runs,it only uses its titanium and aluminium wheels for movement. X-100 also has wings for flight and incredible attacks. It uses it horns for ramming at opponents that tries to stand its way.


Monsuno: Combat Chaos

X-100 debuted in Flash ,where Drezz spun out its core alongside Afterburn's core. X-100 proved itself to be powerful by overpowering Lock,Clubber and Skyfall. Due to how powerful it was,Shellshot and Mysticblade covered team Core-Tech's escape, so X-100 was called back to its core alongside with the other Forge monsunos.

In Bang,It was spun out by Drezz, against Evo and Skyfall and proceeded to battle the two monsunos. It began flying like the other two opponents but there was no outcome of the battle. It was later seen flying Drezz, while telling the Punk Monks that their work was done so they have to leave.

In Six, It was seen Flying with Drezz, with other Forge flying monsunos with the Punk Monks chasing a S.T.O.R.M H-Trams. It later battled against team Core-Tech monsunos and Demise but it was defeated due the combined efforts of Lock and Demise.

In Power,It was spun out by Drezz off-screen alongside with Bayohound (Possibly with a auto strike multi launcher). It overpowered all thre Core-Tech monsunos (Lock,Shellshot and Clubber) until Skyfall and Arachnablade joined the battle.The battle got interrupted by S.T.O.R.M which made Professor Tallis release a monsuno anti-attack effect experiment but the punk monks returned their monsunos to their cores even though their monsunos were also affected.

In Extras,It battled alongside Shadowclaw against Driftblade and Clipper until Team Core-Tech joined the battle. X-100 was eventually overpowered by Lock when it used its newly manufactured Strike Gear but it did not return to its core until Klipse and Hargrave released the mutation gas.

In Frenemies,It participated in a battle alongside the punk monks against Skyfall,Neo-Quickforce and Boost(but it was angry with its controller),all forge monsunos where pushed into the lake below the cliff due to Skyfall's effort so the battle had no outcome.

Special Moves

  • Scorching Flight
  • Techno Net
  • Fire Wheel
  • Drone Ring
  • Dark Fire Wheel
  • Electric-Shock shriek
  • Scorching bite
  • Static-scorching flight
  • Elemental shield
  • Electric-fire wheel



Monsuno: Combat Chaos



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